First class was first class!

Yesterday was my very first class at my cake studio.  Yes I was a bit nervous but as one of my ex-Ballymaloe class mates suggested – I channelled my inner Darina (Allen – headmistress and co-owner of Ballymaloe Cookery School). I settled down pretty much as soon as I started talking 🙂

Piping rosettes

I was so fortunate to have such a lovely group of ladies who attended my first class. It was however a very warm day so we all did our best to keep cool and considering the heat the buttercream held up well!!

I would like to thank these lovely ladies Jo-Anne, Janelle, Janine and Kim for being such good company and being such a happy lot – everyone left with smiles.  I hope you will all keep in touch and we can do it again soon!

I would also like to thank Andrea at All White for giving my students a little discount card from her beautiful shop in Burnie – this made them smile too.

Apologies for the quality of the photographs :-/

I’m adding some more classes so check out the course schedule.


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